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Fridays Featured Angler – At just 12 years old!

Chris is 12 years old, he has already represented Ireland two times in International Coarse Fishing competitions, (one in France and one in Ireland).

We recently caught up with Chris Fehilly, from Dripsey and we got a chance to find out a little more about him.

Chris is an overall keen Angler, he has expertise covering nearly all spectrums of angling from Salt water to Fresh water .Over the last year since teaming up with Inniscarra Angling Centre and Fly Fish Ireland he has been Pike and Perch Fishing with the same enthusiastic approach as he has for Coarse Fishing. Chris said he loves “to go LRF fishing for Perch”.


Chris has told us that his best love of all is to go Coarse Fishing on Inniscarra Lake for Bream and Roach. This is evident as he can be seen most days ( after School) or on the weekends down by the bank of the lake with all his gear set up under the watchful eye of his Granny.

I asked Chris what the secret was to catching as much fish as he catches , he told me that his favorite Coarse bait is maggots and Sensas Gros Gardons Noire mixed with Sensas Black Lake.

We have just recently started stocking that exact bait on Chris’s recommendation.


A few Facts about Chris.

Age..12 years old

Home.. Dripsey

School.. Berrings National School,

Favorite Music..  Avicii

Sponsors..  Duncan Lennox, Inniscarra Angling Centre

Favorite Bait Course.. Maggots and Sensas Gros Gardons Noire mixed with Sensas Black Lake.

Favorite Bait Pike.. Lures ( Savage Gear/ Spro)

Favorite Bait Perch.. LRF /soft plastics, dropshot.


Chris is always willing to help newcomers to the sport with advice on setup, correct bait and of course local knowledge.



Great Fishing at the moment

The pike are hammering the flies at the moment, lure fishing is still a little slow

The Season has started